Avril Lavagne released her fourth album

Avril Lavigne Fans may be excited. After three years for waiting finally officially Avril released her fourth album. Last album titled ‘The Best Dam Thing’.

“I have completed my fourth album. So, actually I had completed during the year. And now the label has finally decided to release it. OMG how nice, thank you, “Avril said in open letter to fans.

In this album, not a few obstacles that she got. “This is a record label of the most difficult for me to be creative and release it. Not only in matters of recordings of songs that really mean that I wrote. For the first time I’ve experienced the complexity of the bureaucracy, “she explained.

“People will do their job properly when doing something they like, love and natural for them. But not when you force them to do something they do not like, “said Avril continue.

Since the beginning of her career, Avril always stressed to her fans to be themselves and stand up with what they believe. “Follow your heart,” she said.

Until now Avril is still keeping her fourth album’s title. Avril singles who just want to express her music videos will be made within two weeks and will be released next January.

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Danger Mouse Recruit Jack White & Norah Jones

American musician and producer, Danger Mouse has recruited Jack White and Norah Jones to take part in the upcoming album.

In his album, Danger Mouse collaborated with an Italian composer Daniele Luppi to work on his music.

DJ whose real name Brian Burton and Luppi has given name to the results of their collaboration is ‘Rome’. Although they both have not told when the release date and what is within the album, but Burton explains why he chose Jack White and Norah Jones to be involved in this album.

“I really wanted the voice of a man and a woman,” he said. “Vocal woman should be soft, while for a man, I want a little louder than the woman,” he continued.

“I played some music for Jack White, just to show him what I do. He liked it, but it was not thought at all to get him to cooperate, “the story of Burton.

“Finally I thought, why not invite him alone. Then he tried with a variety of different voices and I think again to include all types of voice into it, “he explained.

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Agnes Monica at the 2010 AMA Red Carpet

Singer Agnes Monica prove her goal to be able to go international. Agnes also appeared in the reading of nominations American Music Awards, in Los Angeles, California.

Agnes was chosen as the host American Music Awards red carpet. She seemed to pose with other hosts, David Lehre.

Personnel NSYNC, Bass Lace Agnes also became co-host American Music Awards red carpet. The two posed together on the sidelines of the AMA nominations readings at the JW Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles, USA, Tuesday

All hosted AMA posing together: Christian Chavez, Ye Liu, Stuart Brazell, David Lehre, Agnes Monica, Danny Gokey, Lance Bass and Jennette McCurdy.

taylor swift

Taylor Swift Make Songs for Kanye West

Taylor Swift wrote a song about the action of ‘brutal’ Kanye West, the rapper who grabbed the microphone from her during MTV Video Music Award 2009.

Beautiful blue-eyed singer won the award for Best Female Video ‘at the MTV Music Awards 2009. Suddenly, Kanye stormed the stage and grabbed the microphone held by Swift and fanfare that should Beyonce Knowles was the one who wins.

The incident led to criticism of the international community. While Taylor was shocked and angry, she needs to overcome the ‘disgrace’ that by making the songs on her new album ‘Talk Now’, although she don’t want to portray herself someone who complains in the song.

“I think a lot of people expect me to write a song about him (Kanye West). But for me, it is important to write a song for him, “Taylor said. “It really will not add anything, whether it is to sacrifice ourselves and complain about something.


Eminem and Justin Bieber leads the nominations of American Music Awards

Eminem or Marshall Bruce Mathers III and Lady Antebellum, leads the music industry award nominations United States, the American Music Awards (AMA) to-38. Each of them get five nominations.

Followed by Justin Bieber the talented young singer who won four nominations. Meanwhile, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Bob, and Usher get three nominations.

Eminem was nominated for artist and favorite album of pop / rock. Rapper was also nominated for the categories of artist and album rap / hip hop.

While Justin, Eminem, Perry, Ke$ha, and Lady Gaga entered the ranks of best actress nominees in this year, Lady Antebellum nominated as a band pop / rock favorite, both for the duo and group categories. In addition, Lady Antebellum also was nominated for country music categories.

The nominees are determined based on the rating of sales, albums, as well as playing on the radio and the internet. Top awards event will be held on 21 November 2010.


An opportunity for the singers who aspiring to audition American Idol

To celebrate the 10th session “American Idol” will cooperate with the “MySpace” to provide an opportunity for the first time to the singers who aspiring to audition for “online” (in network).

In a press release, announced that the videos that will be submitted to upload up to 6 October 2010. Same as original audition process, a number of contestants will advance to the next round in Los Angeles.

But that is not the only change in the show which will join the new session.

A source told UsMagazine.com that Jennifer Lopez will serve as a juror in the program FOX to join the members of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson – who has long been a judge on “American Idol”. She reportedly will receive a reward of 12 million U.S. dollars.


Can Cell Phone Lookup Get You a Celebrity’s Number

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J.Lo, Mariah & Twain compete to become Idol jurors

Jennifer Lopez still as one strong candidate jurors American Idol. However, reportedly well-known artists who known as J. Lo will compete with Mariah Carey and Shania Twain to occupy these positions.

It is said that J. Lo is reportedly already entered the stage of contract discussions with the American Idol.

According to the source as reported from Hollyscoop, Tuesday, August 17, 2010, wife of Marc Anthony is currently in the process of negotiating for the contract decision.

So far, it is reported that negotiations had gone well. But, the sexy body singer is not alone. American Idol Party is also being looked at and tried to approach the Mariah Carey and Shania Twain.

So, who’s been selected to become jurors in the prestigious event? If you are given the opportunity to choose one of three singer, who would you choose?


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speed dating

Tips that can help you in speed dating

Speed dating is a new dating method which has proven successful. If you’re new in dating and live in the big city such as London, you will definitely want to try speed dating London. Speed dating is very easy and pleasant, beside that this method is far more effective and recommended for those who want to find a partner.

There are a few tips that can help you to start and try speed dating. The following things can help you not only in dating, but have a lasting relationship with your new spouse.

Your appearance is one that is important in dating. This does not mean how handsome or beautiful, but also how you keep up appearances, clothes and hygiene. You must make a good first impression to be accepted by your partner, so respect yourself by keeping your personal hygiene. Consider your hairstyle. Hair that’s too long is not good. This mean that you do not care about your appearance and not tidy.

Make sure that you plan your conversation before you are going to London speed dating venue with your spouse. This is a good idea to make a list of questions or comments that you think is important before the speed dating. It also can help in the process of finding someone suitable for you. Make a list of questions or other things that you want to know about the person. Avoid questions that are too personal in order to not to be seen as a stalker. Do not ever hurt someone’s feelings or say something bad just because you’re not interested.

Speed dating is very interesting where you can meet your spouse. Ensure that you present yourself properly, ask the right questions and be polite.