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duran duran

Naomi Campbell to Eva Herzigova become the Duran Duran band

Naomi Campbell to Eva Herzigova become the Duran Duran band Three senior-old supermodel “head 4”, that is Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, and Cindy Crawford, has been dressed up as an icon of the music industry world-1980s Duran Duran in the video clip for the British group’s new song. In addition to the three of them, […]

idol white

Idol White as Your Regular Teeth Whitening

Smile and teeth is having relation. Smile is more than show our kindhearted; it is such an anti aging way, preventing our stress of mind and soul, whereas good teeth supports our performance, it is a simple thing that we should do. That’s why most of us love to keep our smiles. And we usually […]

lady gaga

Lady Gaga is predicted to have earnings of more than USD100 million

Lady Gaga is predicted to have earnings of more than USD100 million by the end of 2011. An accountant of single Poker Face singer said that the tour will be organized help her reach revenues of more than USD100 million. Since the year 2010 and then, through a tour of the executable, Gaga earn more […]

Dora Game

Exciting and Fun Kids Games

Game developers are developing more and more new games for the game lovers and kinds are one among them. Most of the kids love cartoon and the will be having one or the other favorite cartoon character. Most of the kids love watching Dora, smurf, tom and jerry, ben10, dragon ball z , pokemon and […]


All Special Things for Women

Woman is very unique and has special characters that can’t be had by a man. Woman also has her own world; the very different one with man’s world including about the ways in planning her life. Because of the differences, women always have special place including the information centers that discuss much about woman and […]


Agnes Monica at the 2010 AMA Red Carpet

Singer Agnes Monica prove her goal to be able to go international. Agnes also appeared in the reading of nominations American Music Awards, in Los Angeles, California. Agnes was chosen as the host American Music Awards red carpet. She seemed to pose with other hosts, David Lehre. Personnel NSYNC, Bass Lace Agnes also became co-host […]

taylor swift

Taylor Swift Make Songs for Kanye West

Taylor Swift wrote a song about the action of ‘brutal’ Kanye West, the rapper who grabbed the microphone from her during MTV Video Music Award 2009. Beautiful blue-eyed singer won the award for Best Female Video ‘at the MTV Music Awards 2009. Suddenly, Kanye stormed the stage and grabbed the microphone held by Swift and […]


An opportunity for the singers who aspiring to audition American Idol

To celebrate the 10th session “American Idol” will cooperate with the “MySpace” to provide an opportunity for the first time to the singers who aspiring to audition for “online” (in network). In a press release, announced that the videos that will be submitted to upload up to 6 October 2010. Same as original audition process, […]


Can Cell Phone Lookup Get You a Celebrity’s Number

People do communication to know each other intention. It can also use as a means of expression like ideas and felling. That is why; people have tried to renew the more modern way in communication. Today, technology has brought us new option in communicating with other people. Cellular phone is the most modern communication device […]


J.Lo, Mariah & Twain compete to become Idol jurors

Jennifer Lopez still as one strong candidate jurors American Idol. However, reportedly well-known artists who known as J. Lo will compete with Mariah Carey and Shania Twain to occupy these positions. It is said that J. Lo is reportedly already entered the stage of contract discussions with the American Idol. According to the source as […]