Naomi Campbell to Eva Herzigova become the Duran Duran band

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Naomi Campbell to Eva Herzigova become the Duran Duran band

Three senior-old supermodel “head 4”, that is Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, and Cindy Crawford, has been dressed up as an icon of the music industry world-1980s Duran Duran in the video clip for the British group’s new song.

In addition to the three of them, there are also two their peers, Eva Herzigova (39) and Yasmin Le Bon (47), wife of Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon. The five famous models wearing costumes typical of Duran Duran and playing musical instruments in the video clip for the song titled “Girl Panic!” it.

Filming the video clip was made in cooperation with the magazine Harper’s Bazaar and directed by Jonas Ackerlund, who worked on the video clips of “Paparazzi” and “Telephone” from Lady Gaga.

Duran Duran keyboard player Nick Rhodes, explains, “Harpers has approached us about working with the magazine for something really special …. I have had this crazy idea for a video for the song ‘Girl Panic!’, Which looks fantastic on paper, but, in my opinion, the fact can not be achieved. ”

Rhodes continued, “The idea, presents the story of a day in the life of this band, with five supermodels of the world’s greatest role. They liked the idea of doing a shoot a magazine cover in the video clip itself, and it all starts.”

Simon Le Bon said, “We have made several videos with a high enough level of difficulty of cultivating for years, but this is certainly the most challenging to be scheduled.”

Le Bon said again, “Coordinate the schedule five of the greatest supermodels, supermodels in the world, Jonas (director), and the band was not an easy task. But we could not feel happier when the video was completed. This video has all the elements that we feel is important. This video contains humor, is glamorous, sexy, and very Duran Duran.”

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